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When planning this outdoor space, first, take time to just look at the blank canvas of the yard where you are planning the new outdoor living space. Next, take measurements, write down all your ideas, and draw a basic plan to share with your supplier, your designer and/or your contractor.

Decide on the look and color scheme you wish to achieve and talk to your supplier, your contractor, or your designer about your ideas; be open to suggestions and recommendations from those with whom you have shared your plan.


As a Contractor or Designer, you will work with your client to achieve the outdoor space your client wants by working with their ideas and the space they have - sharing ideas and your expertise.

Some things to consider:

What will be the primary use? Entertaining, relaxing, cooking?

Will the outdoor space be a continuation of the indoor space?

What other elements should  be considered? Do you want outdoor lighting, heating, drainage, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, a pizza oven?

Is there a focal point or permanent structure that needs to be incorporated in your design? A tree, a pool, a view, an existing fireplace?

Think about what the area will look like in the different seasons and how it will be used during each of those times.

Decide who will be designing and installing the space.

Now you're ready to call JoyFarmscape at 207-833-6618 for pavers!

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