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scape Porcelain Pavers

Patio with grey porcelain pavers
a patio with beige porcelain pavers

Patio with grey porcelain pavers.

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Porcelain pavers are porcelain tiles meant to be used in outdoor installations. Outdoor pavers come in different materials such as: concrete, stone, and porcelain. However, rectified porcelain pavers (which are 2cm thick (3/4") and uniform in size and thickness) will provide you with a surface with many unique benefits over other pavers. They are the modern surfacing material for beautiful, carefree, and timeless outdoor spaces.

Patio with beige porcelain pavers.

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a patio with beige porcelain pavers on grass

Patio with beige porcelain pavers.

Tagina-Ilcottotagina-Red-Deco-Painted porcelain paver

Tagina painted porcelain paver.

tagina porcelain paver in metal oxide.

Tagina porcelain paver in Oxide

Grey porcelain paver deck

Deck with grey porcelain pavers.

Joy Farm has a wide variety of high-quality porcelain pavers from the U.S. and Italy with many looks, sizes, and colors. Click here to see our collections: Porcelain Pavers.

We know that it may be difficult to visualize a patio paved with porcelain pavers from a color chip or a screen image; how they might look installed. Here at Joy Farm we have full-size pavers to see and we are installing display pads outside with many of the pavers for you to see, touch, and walk on. Please contact us at or give us a call at 207-833-6618 to schedule a time to view our products.


As well as supplying you with the best porcelain pavers, we offer a consultation to professionals such as landscapers, landscape architects, architects, as well as to  homeowners.

For more info, click here:



Porcelain mosaic of a lobster

Nautical Porcelain Lobster Mosaic


We have many handmade tiles and mosaics to add decorative features to your outdoor installation. We can help you find a handmade tile that is suitable for outdoor use and looks great with your project. Click here to find out more about Elements and Mosaics.


Thinking about using porcelain pavers? Already have your porcelain pavers? Have questions on caring for them?

For more information on maintenance, installation, and on the qualities of porcelain pavers, click on this link:

Porcelain Paver Guides

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A jar of Bruschetta Caponata
A jar of Coconut Fresh Coriander Simmer Sauce
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You Enjoy, We Give

If you love to cook and entertain (outdoors or indoors) and want to add some new and different flavors to your meals, or you are considering adding a kitchen to your new outdoor space, we have an amazing collection of pantry items to make your meals delicious and your cooking more adventurous, with all proceeds benefiting a local non-profit. The current non-profit  we are supporting is:

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