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Patio with mixed Tagina Ilcottotagina porcelain pavers.

Patio with Tagina Ilcottotagina porcelain pavers.

Italy is known around the world for stunning landscapes, amazing food and wine, quality products, and, of course, being ahead of everyone when it comes to style. A leader in innovative design, Tagina has tile and paver collections that look like they are from the "old country" (Ilcottotagina) to contemporary looks (Deco).

Quality, integrity, ingenuity, and creativity are behind these gorgeous pavers, all of which are made in Italy. As you spend time in your new outdoor space covered with Tagina's beautiful pavers, you will feel as though you have Italy in your backyard. With so many options to explore, it will be easy to find the perfect paver for your project; just click on the tiles to find the one you want..

As Tagina states "We create surfaces capable of interpreting people’s authentic tastes to tell about their time, tradition, the contemporary, to give life to original and personal stories."  Let them be part of your story.

Patio with Tagina Pietra Regala Ostana porcelain pavers.

Patio with Tagina Pietra Regala Ostana porcelain pavers.

Ilcottotagina Red Stencil porcelain paver old-world look red-brown with stenciled design in red-brown
Ilcottotagina Grey Deco Painted porcelain paver old-world look light and dark greys with blue flower faded look
Ilcottotagina Clear porcelain paver pale beige with some movement
Tagina Concreta grigio scuro porcelain paver concrete look soft movement
Mediterranea - Menfi porcelai paver very dark grey some speckles and movement
Metal Oxide porcelain paver aqua green & some brown speckles old copper patina look
Tagina Deep Blue porcelain paver Grigio medium grey
Tagina Apogeo warm grey porcelain paver soft movement
Tagina Pietra Regale Chinale porcelain paver medium and dark grey lots of textural look
Tagina Namur Fonce porcelain paver dark grey with some speckles
Tagina Pietra dOrvieto porcelain paver pale beige soft movement
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