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Helping you find the perfect porcelain paver for your project.  
We are here to help!

With decades of experience in the tile business, we can recommend, advise, and help you select the perfect paver for your project. There are many places to get your information (online, friends, etc.) but a knowledgeable supplier of  porcelain pavers should be able to give you the best advice. You want to purchase quality material and have it installed correctly - you want your new space to last a long time.

As you plan the space, think about the color and look of the material desired. With the largest selection of porcelain pavers in Maine, Joy Farmscape can provide you with lots of choices, and we can help you negotiate through the different options. You want this to be a fun process and you want to be happy with the end product.

Things to consider when selecting a porcelain paver:

Color & value: Selecting a color is a very personal choice. There are so many variations of grey, beige, black and other neutral colors. Then there are colors that are available. Although the majority are in the neutral family, there are some available in a color which can make a stunning statement. 

Texture: All porcelain pavers have a non-slip surface, but there are thermal-treated pavers for extra grip. You also want to think about how the paver feels beneath your bare feet, especially in a pool area or a space beneath the feet of little ones.

Pattern: Porcelain pavers range from plain flat colors like a cement tile look to the many paving tiles that have speckles, striations, veining, patterning from texture, or stenciled and deco designs. Or maybe you want the look using more than one color paver to create a pattern. 

Size: With all the different sizes available in porcelain pavers, (12"x 12", 12"x 24", 24"x 24", 24"x 36", 24"x 48", 32"x 32", 36"x 36", 48"x 48" are the most common) it may take you a while to decide on what size you want for your space. Do you want small pavers or very large ones or a size in between? Do you want a pattern using different size pavers or all the same size? The possibilities are endless. Just remember, not all pavers will be available in the size you want. 

Time frame: Some pavers are available withing a week, some are out a few weeks, and other maybe longer if they are imported from Italy. If you plan ahead your choices are the best for getting the paver you want.

Cost: Of course, cost is always a factor. Given the affordability of porcelain pavers, you have a wide choice of color, size, and look to fit the bill.

While you're in planning mode, let's consider what options you have for installation.

Selecting the material(s) to create your new outdoor space should not be a rushed process, There are many, many choices out there which can be overwhelming at times. This is when Joy Farmscape becomes your best friend.

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