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Dado Ceramica
Outdoor area paved with Dado Aspen Antracite porcelain pavers

A leader in sustainably-made tile, Dado Ceramica makes  porcelain pavers in Bologna, Italy to provide materials so we can help you create beautiful outdoor spaces with style. The latest technologies employed by Dado Ceramica produce a high-quality product with aesthetics to please the eye.

Outdoor area paved with Dado Aspen Antracite

Patio paved with Dado Aspen Beige porcelain paver

Patio paved with Dado Aspen Beige

​Dado Ceramica has been committed from the beginning to the highest standards of quality, sustainability, and technology. Their strengths: 

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Relations with resellers and the sales network have always been based on genuine, effective cooperation, with a view to mutually enhancing value and opportunities for growth.

  • FULL HD DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY: There are no longer any limits to the possibilities offered for high-definition reproductions of graphics. Italian technological evolution goes hand in hand with creativity, style and design, thanks to innovation in the field of decoration. Digital technology allows for the creation of digital products able to provide perfect results, recognisable from the HD label.

  • ECOSUSTAINABILITY: From day one, the environment has been a priority for us, and this is why all our technologies and techniques, production cycle and corporate conduct model have been developed with a view to reducing environmental impact and to respecting and safeguarding nature. Ecodado+ group does not use harmful raw materials, and recovers and recycles all its production waste in order to produce high-quality, lasting materials. Digital technology also allows for a significant reduction in the consumption of raw materials and consumables.

  • ETHICAL CODE: The ethical code adopted by Ecodado+ group involves not only strict compliance with the law; it is founded on high standards of conduct. In order to maintain this serious approach and the integrity of the business, we undertake to provide clear, specific information on the quality of our products.

Call us (207) 833-6618 or send us an email  at to find out more about Dado Ceramic's pavers.

Ultra Aspen

Ultra Aspen
Click on image for sizes
ultra-aspen-antracite porcelain paver dark grey with striation
ultra-aspen-bianco porcelain off-white cream with striation paver
ultra-Aspen-Beige porcelain paver with striation
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