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At the beginning when designing an outdoor space take into consideration anything in the plans that may influence decisions on materials, location, and the time-frame as well as that of the sub-contractors.

Is the new space to be part of an existing outdoor space or, perhaps, an extension of an existing indoor space? Is there a need to add heat or lighting?

Consider any elements that are already in place at the location; such as: trees and shrubbery, gardens, pools or ponds, walls or steps, and, of course, sun and shade.

Ponder anything that might turn out to be a problem or just something that has to be dealt with as you design the space; such as: uneven or sloped surfaces, trees or shrubbery, drainage, buried gas or electrical lines, privacy, sun/shade, or zoning.

And don't forget to consider when you would like to have the space completed.

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