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Joy Farmpantry

Delicious pantry items to add that special touch to enjoying your new space.

While you enjoy your new space, whether it's cooking in your new outdoor kitchen or just chilling on your new patio enjoying a glass of your favorite beverage you will want something tasty to eat. Here are some amazing pantry items that will make that experience absolutely delicious.

salad waiting for dressing with greens and nasturtiums
charcuterie board with meats cheese olive fruit condiments

Well, we know a new outdoor kitchen or even the cozy kitchen in your home needs to be stocked with delicious high-quality pantry items that you will use again and again. Sauces, condiments, and yummy ingredients are essential to create wonderful and easy meals inside or outside. Salads, pizza, fabulous cheese boards, happy toast, even happier sandwiches, dishes with more exotic flavors, and more. It's amazing what you can do with deliciousness out of a jar!

Joy Farmpantry is putting together a small, but ever-expanding carefully curated selection of accompaniments to any dish you have prepared in your new outdoor kitchen or new patio. Whether it's an amazing mustard or an exotic Asian sauce, these items will be the foundation for many wonderful meals you will enjoy in your new space, and continue to enjoy. They are perfect for anyone who loves to cook or who just wants a great-tasting meal.

As we build out this collection, we are using this as an opportunity to give back. We will be selling locally at pop-ups and products are available to pick up. All profits at this time will directly benefit WHPW, our local community radio station.

Plan ahead for your holiday gifts, meals, and parties and have some fun shopping for treats and gifts, you can order ahead (207-833-6618 or 207-833-5330) to do a drive-through pick-up. We can ship in USPS flat-rate boxes which are between $10.40 and $22.80 depending on the number and size of bottles and jars. Give us a call for shipping costs- 207-833-6618 - and we can make your tastebuds happy.

JoyFarmpantry is a seasonal business in a seasonal town, so off and on this winter and spring we will be looking for more delicious pantry items to add to our collections. There will be more products to enjoy in the spring and summer. In 2024 we will continue our drive-through pick-up and have online ordering. We are planning more events and pop-ups in 2024!

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