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Start with those who will make your new space turn out just the way you want it.



Select a supplier and a contractor  you are comfortable with and who is willing to talk with you about your ideas and will answer any questions you might have, and give you the advice you need. You want to get to know your supplier, like Joy Farmscape, and your contractor, or you may be working with friends or family; remember, you and they should be knowledgeable about the installation of porcelain pavers. 


Once you have selected your pavers, you need to decide who will be doing the installation - you, a contractor? Who else might you need to involve? A pool contractor? A landscaper? A designer? Ask your supplier, designer, or contractor for recommendations. Think about what needs you have to fill.

When you're ready to start the process and talk to your supplier, contractor, or designer. Have ready: a starting budget, your plan and ideas (sketches, photos, wishes, lists). Make sure all who you choose to work with are good at communicating with each other and yourself, so you are the same page, at all times.

Think about when you would like to have this space completed and give yourself plenty of time. When you talk to your supplier of pavers, discuss the lead time for shipping your pavers. Lead times can vary depending on your selection. Joy Farm can go over the many options with you.


Talk to your contractor about their schedule. Be realistic, don't rush this process. You want to have everything well thought out so you can keep on schedule and also be prepared for any issues that might pop up.

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Remember, Joy Farmscape is here to help you.

When you start the planning process, you will need to select those professionals and others to help you complete your project.

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