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Great ideas to compliment your new space of stunning porcelain pavers.


An expanse of beautiful high-quality porcelain pavers (whether the pavers look like stone, concrete, or wood) is just the beginning of creating the perfect outdoor space.


You can use aesthetic and functional elements of color, texture, and functionality to add interest and versatility to a deck or patio. Think - adding a fire pit or a fireplace, a pizza oven, an outdoor shower, drainage, or making a pattern with your pavers. Perhaps you decide to add an outdoor kitchen to the new space; you could add colorful handmade, frost-proof tile as an accent or a focal point to that grill or pizza oven installation.  Remember, with porcelain pavers, you don't have to worry about staining from spills around the cooking area.

As an element, our handmade tile is suitable for outdoor use (remember, not all tile is frost-proof). You can add a focal point, a backsplash, or even decorative stair risers. We work with ceramicists from the US who create beautiful frost-proof porcelain tile for some amazing embellishments in your new space. Check out Joy Farmscape's sister website Tile From Away.

Ask us about other accessories for the space - planters, benches, cabinets, & more. Your new space is a blank canvas, so go ahead a dream about what your space could look like and start planning. Don't forget, we can do a site visit or you can visit us at our studio (by appointment only).


To set up a visit, call us at 207-833-6618.

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