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FarmScapeOne Penobscot Beige Patio

We felt it was important to have a paver available to be shipped within a week. This selection of the FarmScapeOne Collection of porcelain pavers are made in the USA. The tiles are manufactured using pre-consumer recycled content within LEEDS certified standards. The porcelain pavers are GREENGUARD®️ certified for low VOC emissions.

The Midcoast and Sebascodegan series are available in 24"x 36"; the Rocky coast series is available in 24"x 24".

So if you needs pavers sooner rather than later, these will be perfect for your new outdoor living space.

FarmScapeOne Rockland Grey Patio

Click on image for sizes
FarmScapeOne Midcoast Penobscot Beige porcelain paver
FarmScapeOne Midcoast Rockland Gray porcelain paver
FarmScapeOne Midcoast Wisacsset White porcelain paver
FarmScapeOne Midcoast Camden Slate brown and dark gray porcelain paver
FarmScapeOne Rocky Coast - Sandstone beige porcelain paver
FarmScapeOne Rocky Coast - Pumice light gray porcelain paver
FarmScapeOne Rocky Coast - Perlite off white porcelain paver
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